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Fine Needle Aspiration Clinic

Central Oregon Pathology Consultants operates a Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) Clinic for the evaluation of superficial, palpable masses. FNAs are performed by either Dr. Irene Czyszczon, Dr. Rebecca Allred, or Dr. Kerry Councilman, our board certified cytopathologists.

Lesions/masses most commonly aspirated include enlarged lymph nodes, salivary gland neoplasms, thyroid nodules, skin nodules and breast masses. Most discrete palpable nodules can be evaluated using fine needle aspiration.
Because a portion of the FNA specimen is analyzed at the time of the aspiration, a preliminary impression can usually be provided to both the patient and the referring physician at the time of the procedure. In addition, the rapid assessment by a cytopathologist ensures that adequate material is obtained.
Additional material can be obtained during the initial patient visit if the rapid assessment indicates a need for ancillary studies. A final diagnosis is usually available within 24 hours.


Appointments can by referring physicians.

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