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Cytopathology is a less-invasive diagnostic technique that operates on a cellular level from various body sites to determine the cause or nature of a disease. Cytopathology is commonly used to investigate diseases involving a wide range of body sites, often to aid in the diagnosis of cancer, but also in the diagnosis of some infectious diseases and other inflammatory conditions.

PAP stain pic.PNG

Gynecological Cytology

The most common cytologic stain performed is the Pap Smear. At Central Oregon Pathology we stain around 15,000 Pap Smears per year. We use Thin Prep technology, in which a mono-layer slide is prepared then imaged and diagnosed by a Cytotechnologist or a Cytopathologist. The Pap Smear, in conjunction with our advanced HPV testing, is the most effective tool for early cervical cancer detection, as well as to determine prognostic implications of advanced disease. We perform the Roche Cobas x 480 HPV High risk assay as well as 16/18 genotyping in house.

Non-Gynecological Cytology

Central Oregon Pathology Consultants diagnosticians are able to analyze virtually any type of body fluid and render a complete and thorough diagnosis. COPC boasts a wide array of advanced diagnostic tools to ensure comprehensive analysis, and to provide clinicians with the confidence they need to present their patients with the most accurate prognosis possible.

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Fine Needle Aspiration

A diagnostic procedure used to investigate superficial lumps or masses. In this technique, a thin, hollow needle is inserted into the mass for sampling of cells that, after being stained, will be examined under a microscope. Our office includes a comfortable and relaxed environment for aspirations of palpable masses. Patients, under guidance from their clinicians, are welcome to come to our office for FNA procedures.


For more information on our in house Fine Needle Aspiration Clinic or to make an appointment please click below.

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